Tik Tox  is the pioneer brand of its kind to control the infestation of
external parasites in kennels and animal-shelters. It is a
comparatively safer product to use and is suitable for most of the
infesting species.

The best part is that Tik Tox serves both defensive and offensive
roles by actively helping you to make the surroundings free from
ectoparasites. While selecting an effective extocide, priority should
be for making the animal-shelter or surroundings clean. Tik Tox
exhibits excellent "surround-smart" property.

Tik Tox controls ticks, fleas, mites, bugs, nuisance flies, etc. with an
extended residual action even after application. Tik Tox may be
diluted to make a premix before the final dilution is prepared.

Apply Tik Tox once/twice a week for 2-3 weeks or until free of
infestation, in premises. Fortnightly application can be introduced
thereafter. Tik Tox controls all species of extoparasites
including resistant strains with an extended residual action even after

For an effective Tick & Flea control programme, the kennel or animal-
shelter should be sprayed with suitable concentration of Tik Tox
liquid regularly. Fleas and ticks often infest kennel beddings, carpets
and floor. Tik Tox powder can be applied thoroughly in those areas
and can be vacuumed later.  

Tik Tox is available as water miscible Liquid & Dusting powder. The
dilution details are available on the product label. Further, we also
suggest you to consult your local veterinarian regarding usage of the

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