Brief Profile

Name               :        DR. JACOB V. CHEERAN

Address           :      Director -  Technical Services
Cheerans Lab (P) Limited, Animal Health Division, New Church Street,
Thrissur 680 001, Kerala,  INDIA

Specialised in:

Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology

Research Experience:

Position held        Institution/Employer        Period
Veterinary Surgeon/Extension Officer (AH)
Lecturer/Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Senior Scientist (Drug Immobilization)
Professor & Head, Dept. of Wildlife Sciences
Professor & Head, Dept. of Pharmacology & Toxicology         Kerala Government
Veterinary College
Veterinary College
Veterinary College
Forestry College
College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences        2 Years
13 Years
61/2 Months
11 Years
12 Years   Combined
8 Years   

Teaching/Research Experience:

Teaching:        351/2 Years of teaching experience of which 29years at Post-Graduate level.  
Pharmacology and Toxicology both at undergraduate and Post-Graduate level and Therapeutics at
undergraduate level (7 years) Wildlife Sciences, College of Forestry both at undergraduate and P.G.
Class (12 years)
Investigator:         I.C.A.R Ad hoc Scheme on Effects of Industrial Effluents        on Animal Health (3
’Habitat utilization of animals and its parasitic burden with special references to elephants at
Vazhachal Forest Division (3 years)
Restraint of Animals by Pharmacological means using projectile syringes.

Co-Investigator: ‘Toxicological effects of Industrial waste in Cattle.
‘Genetic studies on Wild Buffaloes of Northeastern Region of India from 01.06.1989 to 31.03.1992.
‘Ministry of Environments and Forests, Government of India.

Number of Papers published/Chapters in books                        :        34

Number of papers presented/Attended-
(National/International) in various Conferences/Symposia.        :        41

Asiad Cultural troupe (Elephant) 1982
Miss: Universe Cultural troupe (Elephant) 1996
Editor Toxicology section-Encyclopaedia on Environment
Radio collaring of wild Elephants and gaur
Resource person of several courses on conservation

Book Under Publication

Textbook on Management of Wild & Zoo Animals

Chapters in Books: (In Malayalam)

1. ‘Pneumonia’         Chapter 13, P.179-190 in ‘Animal Disease’
2. ‘Antibiotics’        Chapter 17, P.832-874 in ‘Animal Husbandry’ Pub: State Language Institute.
3. ‘Antibiotics’        Encyclopaedia, Pub: National Bookstall.
4. ‘Toxicology’        Environmental Encyclopaedia

Chapters in Books: (In English)        

1.        ‘The exploitation of Mammal Population’ Pub: Chapman & Hall, London-chapter 17, The
Exploitation of Asian Elephants. Jacob v. Cheeran and Trever B. Poole. P.302-308.

2.        ‘A week with Elephants’ (Ed) J.C. Daniel and Hemant Datye.

(a)        Principles and practice and fixing dose of Drugs for Elephants.  Jacob V. Cheeran, K.
Chandrasekharan and K.Radhakrishnan.
(b)        Review of the Incidence, Etiology & Control of Common Diseases of Asian Elephants with
special reference to Kerala. K. Chandrasekharan, K. Radhakrishnan, Jacob V. Cheeran, K.N.

3.        ‘Wildlife Research Management’ (Ed) Stephen H. Bervick and V.B. Saharia.  1995 Oxford
University press chapter 20, Health and condition Evaluation of Wild Animal Population: - The Animal
indicator concept. A.W. Franzmann, R. Coock, C.M.Singh and Jacob V. Cheeran. P. 365-403.

4.        ‘The Asian Elephant’
(a)        ‘Transportation of Elephants by rail’ by Jacob V. Cheeran, K. Chandrasekharan and K.
(b)        ‘Anaesthesia for surgical manipulation in the Elephant’ by K.N. Muraleedharn Nair, K.
Radhakrishnan, K. Chandrasekharan, Jacob V. Cheeran, S. Raveendran Nair and P.O. George: P. 156-
(c)        “Tranquillization and Translocation of Elephants’ By Jacob V. Cheeran, K. Chandrasekharan,
and K. Radhakrishnan.
(d)        “A Case of Oculophobia in a tusker’ by Jacob V Cheeran, K. Chandrasekharan, and K.

Popular Extention Activities:

1.        Popular Articles.                2.        Radio talks.
2.        Guest Lectures.                3.        Quiz Programmes.


Wildlife resources in rural development, Hyderabad        -        1980        
Workshop on techniques in Wildlife Research Management
(As faculty member) from January 4-21 at Kanha National Park- M.P.        -        1982
Wrokshop on Elephant Management-Jaldappara, North Bengal, India
                            Paper presented. December        -        1982
Conservation in developing countries-problems and prospects        -        1983
Seminar of Wildlife Management        -        1985
IUCN Asian Elephants Specialist Group Meeting, Bandipur, India November 5th-        1985
Workshop on Zoo and Wildlife Medicine Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Sept.        -        1987
Seminar on the Ecology, Biology, Diseases, Conservation and
        Management of Elephants- Paper presented        -        1989
Meeting of Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, Singapore.        -        1990
Seminar on Veterinary Medicine in wild and captive animals-paper
   Presented-session chaired 8th. Bangalore on October        -        1991
Seminar on the Conservation of Asian Elephants (June 13 –18th Mudumalai)        -        1993
Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad        -        1993
Seminar on Conservation of Asian Elephant-Yangon-Mynamar:
Paper presented-session chaired 17th to 19th February        -        1997
Seminar on Management of Elephants, Chang Mai University,
               Chiang Mai, Thailand-March 12th and 13th         -        1999
Seminar on Captive Elephant-Elephant Management-May 6th and 7th
New York Columbia State University, New York        -        1999
Seminar on Elephant at Louisiana State University, Baton Rogue, USA May 13th-               1999
Seminar on Elephant, Zoological garden-Baton Rogue, USA may 14th        -        1999
Seminar on Elephants at Royal Veterinary College, London 28th October        -        1999
International Workshop on the Domesticated Asian Elephant by FAO,
5-10 Feb.2001. Bangkok, Lampang and Chiang-Mai, Thailand         -        2001        
Instructional classes in various places in the Island Nation Sri Lanka 8th -
14th March        -        2001
Asian Elephant specialist group meeting (IUCN) 27th to 30th May,
Phnom Penh Cambodia                                                                           -      2002    


All India Pharmacology Conference                        1972
Regional Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society                        1974
All India Pharmacology Conference                        1974
All India Pharmacology Conference                        1975
Regional Conference of India Pharmacological Society                        1976
Workshop on Production Diseases of Cattle 8th May                        1978
State level workshop on Elephants 10th May                        1979
Wild Life Resources for Rural Development at Hydrabad as a faculty
                    On 7th to 11th July                        1980
Indian Poultry Science Association VIII Annual Conference and
                  Symposium on 23-25 April as a faculty.                1981
All India Symposium on Wildlife Biology                        1982
Workshop on Wildlife Health for Veterinarians                        1985
Symposium on Biosphere Reserves, Udhyogamandalam 24th –26th Sept.        1986
Symposium on ‘Recent trends’ in Fertility Management
                            Farm Animals 22nd to 24th August                1988
Symposium of Ecology, Biology Management Diseases on the Asian Elephant        1989
National workshop on Elephant Management issues on 6th and 7th
May at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India.         1989
Ecology, Behaviour and Management of Elephants in Kerala Paper
Presented in February ((i) Veterinary intervention in Wild Elephants
                 (ii) Capture of Deprading Wild Elephants)        1990
Summer Institute on Breeding Management and Disease Control of
Wild animals, as a faculty sponsored by Indian council of Agricultural
Research New Delhi at Bihar Vet. College Patna. 16th June –5th July        1992

‘Symposium on Phenol Pollution’ sponsored by Thrissur Chapter of
                             Kerala Science Academy 7th August        1993
Vetebrate Ecology (Mudumalai)        1993
Aringar Anna Zoological Park. Vandalur (Madras) Chemical
                     Restraint of Animals 30th December        1993
Capsule course on Zoo Management (2 weeks) at Madras Session V.
Pharmacology/Chemical Restraints 27th December 1993 to January        1994
Indira Gandhi’s Vision on Wildlife Conservation on 29-31st October
                                                    As a faculty        1994
National UGC Seminar on ‘Law, Science and Technology 16th-17th March        1995
National symposium on advances in Diagnostic Veterinary Pathology
                                          9th to 11th November        1998
Workshop on Impact of Patent law in Agriculture 3rd July        2000
Work shop on Management of Elephant Corridors in Southern India
21-22 December in Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary.        2000                
Elephant Ultra sound workshop for veterinarians in India 18-20th Feb.         2001
                                      Thrissur, Kerala.
National Workshop on Wildlife Conservation in India: Challenges and         2003       
                  initiatives 30th June & 1st July 2003.
National Workshop on “Management and Welfare of Elephants in
Captivity-Priorities for the 21st “Century”, 26th August 2003                         2003


IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) - SSC

(a)        Veterinary Specialist Group.
(b)        Asian Elephant Specialist Group                        for the past 10 years.
(c)        Conservation Breeding Specialist Group.         

OIE        (Office International Des Epizootes)-Paris
Specialist Group on Wildlife Diseases

Universities Federation of Animal Welfare-England-Member
Society against cruelty to Elephants
Member in selection and assessment committee of various universities
Major and advisor for several post-graduate students including doctoral level        (Pharmacology,
Toxicology, and Wildlife Sciences.)
Member (Former), Faculty of Environmental studies-Cochin University of Science and Technology
Nature Education Society
Zoological and environmental society
Zoo-Out Reach Organisation-Member-Managing Committee
Expert Committee on Captive Elephants - Government of India
Committee on Evaluation of Project Elephants Schemes
Bio-diversity Conservation - Kerala State
Member Steering Committee of Project Elephant
Member (Former) Central Zoo Authority
Member (Former) State Advisory Board WWF (World Wide Fund for nature)
State Advisory Committee – Zoo and Museum
Advisory Committee - Thrissur Zoo
Vice-President – Nature Education Society


1.        ‘Good Service Entry’ for ‘Standardising and Using Nicotine for control of Elephants’
2.        ‘Good Service Entry’ and citation of hitting the ‘Century’ of Elephant Immobilisation (The current
number elephants, tranquillised and translocated are 404.)
3.        Award of Excellence for the outstanding contribution towards Conservation of Nature and Animal
4.        Fellowship of National Academy of Veterinary Sciences (FNAVS)


PRODJECT – A patented pole syringe to inject wild animals
International Exhibitions - Visited.
AGRITECH ’97, Israel                        
VIV Veterinary Exhibition, Bangkok 1999
Major Extension Projects.
Several Training Classes on Elephant Tranquillization all over India
Translocation of Wild Elephants
Radio-Collaring (Elephants and Gaur)
Countries Visited.
USA, Including Hawaii, France, UAE, Myanmar,
Thailand, UK, Bhutan, Israel, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Germany, Netherlands,
Switzerland, Cambodia.

1.        Disease of Pet Animals and Birds.  Seminar of Kerala Agricultural University and Thrissur
Municipality, Thrissur 1975.
2.        A Wound on the trunk of an Elephant – Annual symposium and conference of Indian Society of
Veterinary Surgery-Madras 1979.
3.        Insecticides in environmental pollution seminar on environmental pollution control, Cochin 1985.
4.        Recent trends in Wildlife conservation, training course for IFS officers, Kerala Agricultural
University, Vallanikkara, February 1987.
5.        Wildlife resources and development on conservation and utilisation of natural resources, College
of Forestry, Vellanikkara, December 1989.
6.        Veterinary intervention in wild elephants.  Behaviour and Management of Elephants in Kerala
7.        Capture of deprading wild elephants using drugs management of Elephants in Kerala 1990.
8.        Use of indigenous product-‘Recent’ for wounds in elephants, International seminar on veterinary
medicine in wild and captive animals, Bangalore 1991.
9.        Treatment of Tetanus in a captive elephant-a successful case report. International seminar on
veterinary medicine in wild and captive animals, Bangalore 1991.
10.        Use of Xylazine as an anaesthetic for elephants in surgical conditions, International seminar in
veterinary medicines in wild and captive animals, Bangalore 1991.
11.        Translocation of captive or rogue tuskers.  International seminar on veterinary medicine in wild
and captive animals, Bangalore 1991.
12.        Decay of dental pulp and extraction of teeth in captive elephants.  International seminar on
Veterinary medicine in wild and captive animals 1991.
13.        Anaesthesia for surgical manipulators in the elephant, symposium on Asian elephants 1992.
14.        Breeding, Management and decease control of wild animals Bihar Veterinary College, Patna
16th June to 5th July 1992.
15.        A review of the incidence, etiology and control of diseases of Asian elephants with special
reference to Kerala.  International seminar on conservation of Asian elephants, Mudumalai, 13th to 15th
June 1993.
16.        Principles and practice of fixing dose of drugs for elephants, International seminar on Asian
elephants 1995.
17.        Dung Parasites of wild animals in Vazhachal Forest Division, Kerala, South India.  National
symposium on Natural Resources Management systems 26th –28th 1997.


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4.        A Clinical note on the use of Mebendaszole against Ancylostomiasis and Toxacariasis in dogs.
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5.        Effect of Meprobamate on weight gain in broiler chicken. Kerala J. Vet. Sci. 11(2) 324-328, by
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6.        Immobilization of Indian elephants with Nicotine, Cheiron, 10(6) 268-174by Jacob V Cheeran, K
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17.        General Anaesthesia in an elephant (Elephas maximus) a clinical case reports. By K N
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18.        A wound on the trunk of a male elephant (Elephas maximus) a case-report.  Zoos print 5(1) by
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19.        General Anaesthesia in a Lion tailed Monkey (Maccaca silenus) using droperiodo-fentanyl
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20.        Droperidol-fentanyl mixture (Innovar-vet) as an anaesthetic in dogs. Indian Vet J.68 (5) 483-484
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21.        Reversal of Ketamine Xylazine anaesthesia with 4-amino pyridine in rats. J Vet. Anim. Sci. 24(2)
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22.        Post-Mortem Examination of Birds as an aid to disease diagnosis.  Zoos print P. 1-2 by Jacob V
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23.        Orchoectomy in Lions (Panthera leo), Indian Vet. J. 72(1) 92-93 by P O George, C J Chandra,
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25.        Use of anti-androgen in controlling musth in captive elephants.  Zoos print 11(4) 25-26 by K
Chandrasekharan, and Jacob V Cheeran.
26.        A note on the treatment of an injured wild tusker at the Agasthyavanam Biological Park, Kerala.  
Zoos print, 11(4): 20 by C Venkatesan, K Chandrasekharan, K Radhakrishnan, A Jayasudha and Jacob
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27.        Chemical Immobilization of an injured wild tusker from a motorboat.  Zoos print. 11(4) 27 by C
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29.        Debarking behaviour of elephants in Vazhachal Forest Division, Kerala, and South India.  
Journal of BNHS Vol.94, No.2, 1997: 392-393 by M M Animon, Jacob V Cheeran and B N Nagaraj
30.        Preliminary studies for mineral supplements for elephants.  Tiger Paper24 (4), 18-20 by M M
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31.        Vazhachal Forest – A model for ecotourism.  Proceedings of Ninth Kerala Science Congress 27-
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32.        Ecotourism as a way for the sustainable management of natural resources-experiences from
Vazhachal Forest Division.  National symposium on Natural Resources Management Systems. February
26-18,1997: 76 by M M Animon, Jacob V Cheeran, Sonny George and K Rajesh (1997).
33.        Conservation needs of flora and fauna in Vazhachal Forest Division, Kerala South India. The
National Symposium on Natural Resource Management Systems February 26-28 1997, 27 by M M
Animon, Jacob V Cheeran, Sonny George, and M G Surendran (1997).
34.        Status of elephants (Elephas maximus indicus) in Vazhachal Forest Division.  Proceeding of the
ninth Kerala Science Congress, January 1997:486. By M.M. Animon, Jacob V. Cheeran & B.N. Nagaraj
35.        Improved Health Care-Crucial for proper Zoo Management. By Jacob V cheeran Indian Zoo
Yearbook, Vol. III (2000).
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