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Cheerans Lab (P) Limited
Animal Health Division
New Church street
Trichur - 680 001
Kerala, India

The Cheerans group of companies was evolved as early as in 1904 to manufacture nonferrous utensils of
various metals and alloys. The business in the fifties, added on chemical fertilizers which was then an
emerging line of business later on, marketing of agrochemicals and petroleum products were successfully
incorporated. Agricultural utilities like tractors, Power tillers and two-wheelers were soon introduced. The
tempo for diversification resulted in making  a fine footprint in the financial management sector as well.

Interaction with the company's huge farm oriented customer base gave birth to the Animal Health Division.
Thus Veterinary Division was started in early eighties with the able assistance from Prof. Dr. Jacob V.
Cheeran,  a world renowned veterinarian in the field of Wildlife Sciences. He is a member of expert
committees of International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources ( IUCN ) Geneva,
Universities Federation for Animal Welfare ( UFAW ) London, in addition to several committees of National
and International  repute.

CHEERANS with its prestigious manufacturing division penetrates the market with one & half dozens of quality
Animal Health Products which are well known among animal owners and registered at the national level. The
products undergo continuous technical upgradation and hence have the flexibility to meet all upmarket
requirements.The well scattered distribution network and specific strategies made possible for the company
to venture into the marketing of parenterals and become forerunner in the field. Cheerans also market a wide
range of Pet products and accessories.

Started manufacturing and marketing a range of Animal Health Products in the late sixties. The Company was
later incorporated as a Limited company under the companies Act,  in the year 1982. This is the first and only
limited company  in Kerala state which exclusively deals with these range of products.

Factory: at Govt. Major Industrial estate and also product outsourcing

The managing director, Prof. Dr. Jacob V. Cheeran is member of various International and National
committees including World Animal Health organization, only company in Australasia region having that

Internet sales - e-commerce: Across India (and outside mainly  online consultancy) This venture has been
given prize by International consultancy major headquartered in US, Mckinsey & company, which conducted a
contest in India.

Super stockists in-turn distribute our products to Retail network

Nearly 20 Nationally Registered Trademarks and one Patent

Major Range of Products

Mineral supplements
Vitamin supplements
Coat conditioners
Growth promoters
Productivity enhancers
Fertility promoters
Digestive products
A range of  Pet Foods
Pet Accessories - nearly 300 types
Remote injection devices
Farm Fluids
Wetting Agents for sprays

Class of Products
Liquid orals, External preparations, Sprays, oral powders, Dusting powders, Tablets, Biologicals

Major Brands: Tik Tox, Pestex, Dingo, Luster coat, Calciphos, Fertimin, Vimin, Liverol, Glucafed, Sparkleen,
Deodet, Agrowet, Greenmix, Digestone, Jumbomin, Zoomin, Prodject..........

Also marketing a variety of vaccines and biologicals from Europe and US.

Major Animal Category served Dogs, cats, Cattle, Poultry, Pig, Goat, Sheep
Also catering to Zoo animals and elephants

The company is able to retain the leadership position in many segments and achieving sales of  several
hundred thousands of product units in each financial year.

CHEERANS  LAB's unique position on this subcontinent market is the result of solutions that meet customer
interests and requirements. We are proud to describe to you about our export market as well as unique and
patented products.

CHEERANS GROUP is a conglomerate of :







Amongst these, CHEERANS  LAB, CHEERAN  & COMPANY, CHEERANS  BIO - PRODUCTS  deal with Animal
Health products and other agrarian inputs. The Company is also member of  various trade organizations.
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