Question and answer session

Q1: How valid are the census figures? Increases or
decreases tend to mean that earlier surveys were not as
good as later ones. Is this the case in India?

A1: Later figures are better of course, but India has been
doing good censuses for some time, at least since the

Q2: How are elephants used in agriculture?

A2: They are used to plough fields, especially in Andra

Q3: Are elephants used for patrols in the national parks?

A3: Yes, for anti-poaching campaigns or in areas where
other forms of transport are not possible. The number of
elephants used could easily be doubled. Project Elephant
will provide finance to purchase unemployed elephants in
the areas where they will be used.

Q4: You stated that you'd like to encourage the trade in
live elephants and for more troublesome wild elephants to
be captured. Don't you think it would lead to more
elephants in the wild being captured for sale, not just
troublesome elephants? Who would monitor the trade?

A4: I don't think it would be a problem because the existing
law works well, only target elephants, i.e. troublesome
elephants, are captured.


S.S. Bist - Inspector General of Forest, and Director,
Project Elephant, New Delhi (Working Group leader)
Jacob V. Cheeran - Member of the Steering Committee
(Project Elephant), Trichur, Kerala
[10] Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, Uttranchal
[11] Expert on captive elephants, Guwahati, Assam
[12] Director, TRAFFIC-India, New Delhi.

This report was prepared by the above members of the
working group which was constituted by the Ministry of
Environment and Forests, Government of India. The views
and recommendations in this report are those of the
working group and do not necessarily convey any approval
or endorsement by the Government of India.
[13] From Wildlife Protection (Karnataka) Rules, 1973

Note: Tables, Pictures and Annexures, if any, are excluded here

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