Elephants can get a cure from Music !

Music is the food for the mind, is an old saying. This is true
for elephants too. In a zoo (Zagerb) a 45-year-old elephant
Suma lost its long time mate. It was bereaved and
inconsolable after she lost her partner, which was with her
for more than 10 years. She went into depression and
refused to eat and became non communicative with the
keepers. Zoo organised a concert of classical music just
opposite to the jumbo’s enclosure. She was very much
agitated when the concert was getting organised.

  But when the concert started she became calm, leaned
against the fence closed her eyes and listened without
moving the entire concert. It was Mozart to begin with then
she had a little of Vivaldi and Schubert. The zoo authorities
bought a stereo music player and started playing it near
the enclosure for the jumbo. This made considerable
improvement in her condition. Who says Mozart is meat for
human only?!

June 2006
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