The world record for fastest jaw goes to...

Who has got it ? You may think it will be a crocodile or
a shark. If you think so, you are wrong. The latest
research reveals that ant has the fastest jaw in the
world. Yes, the tiny ant has the fastest jaw in the animal
kingdom - literally, quicker than the blink of an eye.

The trap-jaw ant's scientific name may be ponderous,
Odontomachus bauri, but this hunter can clamp its
mandibles shut at between 125 km and 233 km. That
makes it faster than the mantis shrimp, former record
holder for fastest strike, according to the University of
California, Berkeley.

Even better, it can snap those jaws shut with such force
that it can propel itself backward out of danger. The
researchers used high-speed videos to record the strike of
the ant and calculate its speed. The average time for a
strike was 0.13 milliseconds, some 2,300 times faster than
the blink of an eye.

                                                                                         Washington, 2006
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