San Francisco to generate poop power !

San Francisco city officials have directed their contracted
trash-handling company to devise a system of turning
pet droppings into methane gas that could be used as
fuel for home heating, electricity generation or other needs.

The directive was issued after a study revealed that
3.8 per cent of the residential garbage collected in
San Francisco consisted of "dog poop, cat poop" or other
animal waste. The city leaders have a self-imposed
deadline of diverting all waste from landfills by the year
2020. That goal has been neared or reached in Sweden,
Switzerland and Germany.

The technology is available to compost, recycle or
otherwise use 85 per cent of trash and also to implement
laws to compel manufacturers to take back the rest. The
last trash study conducted in San Francisco resulted in the
creation of a programme in 1996 to collect food scraps
from restaurants and compost them for use in vineyards
and farms. The city now collects 300 tonnes of food scraps
daily and used as compost in many farms.

Interestingly, there are certain pet foods specially
designed for indoor dogs that helps in excreting less
quantity !

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