Sun Bear Joins Red List of Threatened Species

All bears in South East Asia are now vulnerable to
extinction following the recent announcement by The
World Conservation Union (IUCN) that the Sun Bear has
joined the Red List of Threatened Species.

The extinction of these animals is a serious issue. In
addition to their numbers falling rapidly in the wild, tens of
thousands endure pain and suffering  in bear farms across
south east Asia and by being forced to dance and fight for
human entertainment.

Asiatic Black bears and some Sun bears are subjected to
bile extraction in bear farms. Some reports reveals that the
availability of farmed bear bile and products containing it
are further driving demand for wild bear products, with
traders stating that wild bear gall is of a much higher
quality than farmed bear bile.  

Investigators recently gathered evidence that shows bears
in bile farms in some Asian countries are being poached
from the wild, despite legislation that should prevent such
trade. In addition to bears undergoing painful bile
extraction, sloth bears are used in bear baiting and bear
November 2007
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