Classical Music Relaxes your Dog !

Does your dog become agitated when your neighbour’s
cat walks on your lawn? Or does he begin to bark when
the mail-man delivers your mail? Try putting on some
classical music and see if he calms down. Studies have
shown that classical music has the power to relax a dog
when agitated. Let’s take a look at the power of music.

Studies using a wide variety of music show that loud rock
music, can cause a dog to become agitated, while classical
music does the complete opposite and relaxes a dog.

Studies have also shown that music has the power to
reduce stress and lower anxiety in animals, just like it does
in humans. The rhythm of the music works to relax animals.
In some cases, kennels play classical music in order to get
dogs to fall asleep easier.

In fact, music has also been known to help dogs with
training. When a dog is relaxed he is more susceptible to
learning. Music has also proven to be an effective tool in
memory retention. Music is also beneficial in helping with
separation anxiety. In some cases, dogs can become
agitated and destructive when left home alone. But putting
on a type of music that has positive associations for the
dog, can help him remain calm when his loved ones aren't

Although classical music has proven to work best with
helping dogs to overcome phobias, reduce stress and
lower anxiety levels, it doesn't mean that your favourite
CD's won't work. Try playing around with your music
selection to see how your dog reacts to it. Play some pop
then try some jazz - your pooch may like both. As well,
environment has a lot to do with the way your dog will react
to a certain type of music. He may like something more
upbeat when he is in the car, but then prefer a
contemporary sound when at home.

Because there is so much evidence supporting the idea
that music can affect a dog's mood and help with anxiety
and stress, many composers have created animal friendly
CD's. The following are some dog friendly music titles:
"Pet Ease"      
"Doggone Songs"     
"While You Are Gone: Music Pets Love"
"Infinite Mind"   
"Sea Magic"

                                                                                     November 2007
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