Beijing Pet owners can have only one Dog

After the one-child comes the one-dog policy

A controversial "one dog" policy in China's capital is
eliciting howls of anger from pooch lovers. Several cases
of injuries inflicted by dogs have prompted new regulations
in many Chinese cities, including Beijing.

Concerned by the growing number of dogs in the city and
a rising incidence of rabies, authorities have decreed that
households can raise only one canine.

Dogs taller than 35 centimetres have been banned, and all
dogs must now be registered and vaccinated or face being
taken from their owners.

With the new regulations, Beijing dog owners are required
to register their pets at community police offices, and to
make their pets wear ID cards at all times. And importantly,
they must also keep their dogs on a leash when walking
them. Each household is allowed only one dog, less than
35 centimeters tall.

The city government urged residents to monitor their
neighbours and inform on them if they keep rogue dogs.

In a city of 15 million people, there are around one million
dogs in Beijing, only 550,000 of which are registered.

Some animal rights activists are hailing the measures.
Asian Representative of International Fund for Animal
Welfare (IFAW) said:" We hope the Municipal Public
Security Bureau and the municipal government will
continue with these good regulations. Our goal is to create
an environment where dog raisers and their neighbours
can co-exist harmoniously."

Meanwhile, Shanghai has no rules at present on the
number of dogs a family can raise. Currently, dog owners
are only allowed to walk their pets in public if they are
taking them to the vet, although that rule is often ignored
by most dog owners in the city.

However in Shanghai, new rules on veterinary clinics that
go into effect on January 1, 07 will place restrictions on the
size and location of pet clinics.

The Shanghai Pet Medical Treatment Administrative
Regulations state that all veterinary clinics must be more
than 100 square metres in size and can't be near
hospitals, schools, restaurants or other crowded venues
besides several other stipulations. In addition, each clinic
must have at least two registered veterinary surgeons on
staff. Clinics must also have two permits; the Animal
Epidemic Prevention Certificate and Animal Medical
Treatment Permit.

Currently, there are 72 legal pet hospitals or clinics in
Shanghai, but industry officials say there are far more
unregistered clinics doing business in the city.
November 2006
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