Can Cat Deliver Puppy ? !

An interesting case of cat delivering puppies came up in
Sao Paulo [Brazil]. A lady named Cassia Aparecida de
Souza, 18 coming from a poor neighbourhood claimed that
her cat delivered offspring having dog traits. She also
showed her cat suckling the puppies, and claimed that cat
Mimi delivered three puppies as well as three kittens, which
did not survive. Her husband Rogerio Jorge de Silva, 26
and several others in the town believed a dog named Mut
is the father of Mimi’s pups.

This interesting news spread in the Brazilian media and
some local newspapers accused the poor couple that are
expecting their first child in a few months and this is a hoax
to make money.

This claim of mystery was proved to be wrong by a
geneticist by looking at the chromosome numbers at the
University of Passo Fundo. The test was very simple since
the dogs have 78 chromosomes and the cats having 38
chromosomes. The scientist claimed that Mammals some
time nursed the young ones from another species. The cat
gave birth in a field and she likely inherited the pups from
a female dog, which had recently given birth.

And finally the cat is out of the bag!
November 2006
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