Cat’s missing Claws takes Airline to court   

The owner of an award-winning Persian cat is suing Hong
Kong’s flag carrier Cathay pacific when he found his pet
was bleeding with nine claws missing before boarding a
Malaysia -bound flight.

Grace Cheung Kei who is the owner is seeking HK$45,000
($5,800) in compensation from the airline, which she
contended was responsible for the injuries to Sharamka
Jemma, the south china morning post reported.

“Jemma is not a usual cat” Cheung claims in her suit filled
at the small claims court, arguing the animal had worn a
top prize in and other awards in various International cat

“You may not be able to imagine how painful it would be if
nine out 10 fingernails are pulled out, but this poor little cat
had this horrible experience just days go”, she reportedly
said in her claim.

The report said the incident happened in July, when
Cheung took the animal and four other cats to the airline
check-in counter for a flight to Kuala Lumpur, where they
were to be entered in a show.

Cathay staff called Cheung half an hour later saying
Jemma was bleeding, with bloodstains found over its neck
and face and its claws missing. There was no explanation
by the staff. The case was adjourned to February next
year. Cathay declined to comment during legal
November 2006
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