Health Assessment of Captive Asian Elephants in India
Asian Nature Conservation Foundation, Bangalore, India, is
undertaking a major project for providing preventive healthcare to
nearly 800 captive elephants in India over a period of one year. Apart
from evaluation of general health status of individual elephants, the
project envisages screening the captive elephant population for
major infectious diseases with special reference to tuberculosis.
The project also aims to support field veterinarians by providing
access to the latest disease diagnostic techniques, which will help
them give better treatment to the elephants.

The field work will be done by an all-India team of veterinary
professionals (Prof. Dr. Jacob V. Cheeran and Dr. David Abraham)
and conducted under the auspices of Prof. R. Sukumar Ph.D. and
the Asian Elephant Research and Conservation Centre (a division of
Asian Nature Conservation Foundation).  

The support and participation of many other Indian professionals
and institutions is making this important project possible.  These
include Project Elephant (Government of India, New Delhi), Elephant
Welfare Association(Thrissur), National Tuberculosis Institute
(Government of India), Elephant Study Centre (College of Veterinary
and Animal Sciences, Kerala Agricultural University), and the
Department of Molecular Microbiology (Rajiv Gandhi Centre for

Dr. Susan Mikota of Elephant Care International and other
associates are providing technical advice. This project is funded by
Elephant Care International.  Additional financial support is being
provided by Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) of
Bangalore, India with support from World Society for the Protection
of Animals (WSPA).

                          Reports Elephant Care International, October 2006
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