Feeding Schedule

Mix 25gm of GREENMIX® for 100 kg of compounded feed when paddy
straw is the main Roughage for an adult cow of 250 kg body weight.

Dry Cows: 35 - 50 gm/month i.e ~ 1 gm /day

Milch animals: 35 - 50 gm + 15 gm in a month for every 2.5 to 3 kg of milk    
i.e.,  ~ 1.5 gm/day

Pregnant animals : Ration for milch cows + 15 gm per month from 6th
month of pregnancy i.e., ~ 2 gm/day. For every additional 50 kg body
weight, add 4 - 5 gm of GREENMIX® more.

Buffaloes: Since buffaloes’ milk contains more fat rich in Vit.A & D3 , in
addition to milch cow’s ration, 15 gm of GREENMIX® may be given per
month for every 2 kg of milk produced daily.

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Animal Feed Supplement. Not for human or medicinal use

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