..............The Glucafed Advantage.................

Glucafed is a feed supplement for ruminants providing nutrients
in an i
deal ratio to meet peak energy requirements. It is
enriched with
feed grade salt of calcium for easy absorption.

You will find Glucafed as an excellent supportive supplement
The palatability ensures that your animal enjoys regular feeding
of the product.

This award winning feed supplement is formulated with cutting
edge knowledge on energy utilization mechanisms in ruminants.
The best part is that, Glucafed is an excellent product if you
wish to improve feed intake by providing additional calories.

You can also feed 'Vimin' and 'Calciphos' from Cheerans for
requirements of quality
feed grade vitamins and minerals along-
with Glucafed for total health of your animal. Further, we also
suggest you to consult your local veterinarian regarding usage
of the product.

Glucafed is available in 450ml, 4.5 Lts., 35 Lts.

Feeding Schedule:

Dairy Cattle: 175 - 225ml / head / day
along with feed. This
quantity of Glucafed can conveniently be diluted with 1 litre of
water before feeding. You may change the feeding quantity
depending upon the animal.

Animal Feed Supplement. Not for human or medicinal use
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