Feeding Schedule

Cows & Buffaloes    : 25 - 50 gm daily

Cow (pregnant)       : 15 - 25 gm daily throughout pregnancy.

After delivery        : Delay in the occurrence of heat after delivery is another
common condition. Feed FERTIMIN® for 1-3 months at the rate of 25 - 40
gm daily immediately after delivery. This will help the cows in coming to heat
again after delivery in the shortest possible time. In addition to the
correction of reproductive cycle, Cobalt and Vitamin A present in the
FERTIMIN® also improves the appetite. FERTIMIN® recoups the blood loss
in delivery and correct anaemia.

Repeat breeders :
Cows which do not get conceived even after several inseminations may be
got examined by a veterinarian to rule out the presence of any infection
and treat the infection, if any. Then feed FERTIMIN® for 40 days from the
first sign of heat at the rate of 25 - 50 gm daily. Repeat if necessary after
one or two months.

Anoestrum and Silent Heat :  For cows that do not come into heat, or cows
which do not show any observable signs of heat, feed FERTIMIN® 30 - 40
gm for 1 - 3 months.

Sheep & Goat: 5 -15 gm daily

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Animal Feed Supplement. Not for human or medicinal use

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