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1.  Beijing Pet Owners can have only one Dog
2.  Can Cat Deliver Puppy ?!
3.  Indian Army to get Powers to Protect Wildlife
4.  Cat’s missing Claws takes Airline to court   
5.  Pelicans too can Get Drunk !
6.  ‘A Bull in a China Shop’ -  How was it originated?
7.  A few Quick Links for you...
8.  Reader response - The Chat Box

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# 1    
Beijing pet owners can have only one Dog

After the one-child comes the one-dog policy

A controversial "one dog" policy in China's capital is
eliciting howls of anger from pooch lovers. Several cases
of injuries inflicted by dogs have prompted new regulations
in many Chinese cities, including Beijing.

Concerned by the growing number of dogs in the city and
a rising incidence of rabies, authorities have decreed that
households can raise only one canine.

Dogs taller than 35 centimetres have been banned, and all
dogs must now be registered and vaccinated or face being
taken from their owners.

With the new regulations, Beijing dog owners are required
to register their pets at community police offices, and to
make their pets wear ID cards at all times. And importantly,
they must also keep their dogs on a leash when walking
them. Each household is allowed only one dog, less than
35 centimeters tall.

The city government urged residents to monitor their
neighbours and inform on them if they keep rogue dogs.

In a city of 15 million people, there are around one million
dogs in Beijing, only 550,000 of which are registered.

Some animal rights activists are hailing the measures.
Asian Representative of International Fund for Animal
Welfare (IFAW) said:" We hope the Municipal Public
Security Bureau and the municipal government will
continue with these good regulations. Our goal is to create
an environment where dog raisers and their neighbours
can co-exist harmoniously."

Meanwhile, Shanghai has no rules at present on the
number of dogs a family can raise. Currently, dog owners
are only allowed to walk their pets in public if they are
taking them to the vet, although that rule is often ignored
by most dog owners in the city.

However in Shanghai, new rules on veterinary clinics that
go into effect on January 1, 07 will place restrictions on the
size and location of pet clinics.

The Shanghai Pet Medical Treatment Administrative
Regulations state that all veterinary clinics must be more
than 100 square metres in size and can't be near
hospitals, schools, restaurants or other crowded venues
besides several other stipulations. In addition, each clinic
must have at least two registered veterinary surgeons on
staff. Clinics must also have two permits; the Animal
Epidemic Prevention Certificate and Animal Medical
Treatment Permit.

Currently, there are 72 legal pet hospitals or clinics in
Shanghai, but industry officials say there are far more
unregistered clinics doing business in the city.

# 2    
Can Cat Deliver Puppy ? !

An interesting case of cat delivering puppies came up in
Sao Paulo [Brazil]. A lady named Cassia Aparecida de
Souza, 18 coming from a poor neighbourhood claimed that
her cat delivered offspring having dog traits. She also
showed her cat suckling the puppies, and claimed that cat
Mimi delivered three puppies as well as three kittens, which
did not survive. Her husband Rogerio Jorge de Silva, 26
and several others in the town believed a dog named Mut
is the father of Mimi’s pups.

This interesting news spread in the Brazilian media and
some local newspapers accused the poor couple that are
expecting their first child in a few months and this is a hoax
to make money.

This claim of mystery was proved to be wrong by a
geneticist by looking at the chromosome numbers at the
University of Passo Fundo. The test was very simple since
the dogs have 78 chromosomes and the cats having 38
chromosomes. The scientist claimed that Mammals some
time nursed the young ones from another species. The cat
gave birth in a field and she likely inherited the pups from
a female dog, which had recently given birth.

And finally, the cat is out of the bag!

# 3  
 Indian Army to get Powers to Protect Wildlife

India plans to enlist the army to help protect its threatened
tiger population and other animals giving soldiers the
power to arrest or even shoot poachers, wildlife officials
said. The smuggling and sale of Indian tiger or leopard
skin and Elephant Ivory is common across the borders and
poaching of endangered animals is reportedly widespread
throughout the country.

While the 1.1 million strong army is deployed in
environmentally fragile border hot-spots, troops now have
no powers to act against wildlife crimes. The Government
was planning to amend existing legislation to give army the
powers to act in border areas where smuggling and
poaching is common.

“The amendments to the Wildlife Act will mean that the
army will be able to arrest, detain and even open fire on
poachers who evade arrest”, said an official from the
National Board for Wildlife. Also added that this will give
them parity with chief wildlife wardens.

As we have earlier reported, Wildlife crime (that includes
buying and selling of endangered animals), currently
estimated at over USD 6 billion a year, represents the
Third Largest Black Market in the world, behind
only illegal arms and drug smuggling.

# 4   
Cat’s missing Claws takes Airline to court

The owner of an award-winning Persian cat is suing Hong
Kong’s flag carrier Cathay pacific when she found her pet
was bleeding with nine claws missing before boarding a
Malaysia -bound flight.

Grace Cheung Kei who is the owner is seeking HK$45,000
($5,800) in compensation from the airline, which she
contended airline was responsible for the injuries to
Sharamka Jemma.

“Jemma is not a usual cat” Cheung claims in her suit filled
at the small claims court, arguing the animal had won a
top prize and other awards in various International cat

“You may not be able to imagine how painful it would be if
nine out 10 fingernails are pulled out, but this poor little cat
had this horrible experience just days go”, she reportedly
said in her claim.

The report said the incident happened when Cheung
took the animal and four other cats to the airline
check-in counter for a flight to Kuala Lumpur, where they
were to be entered in a show.

Cathay staff called Cheung half an hour later saying
Jemma was bleeding, with bloodstains found over its neck
and face and its claws missing. There was no explanation
by the staff. The case was adjourned to February next
year. Cathay declined to comment during legal

#  5   
Pelicans Too Can Get Drunk !

Beware of pelicans! Recently, a pelican crashed headlong
into a car, and another three of the Californian brown
pelicans were found wandering, dazed in the streets of
Laguna Beach.

The crashed pelican suffered a very deep cut in its pouch
and the scientists tested the contents. They suspect these
four pelicans are being drunk on see algae.

Wildlife Care Centre officials feels that sea birds may have
been under the influence of the algae in the ocean, and
these algae when eaten produced the domoic acid

The local Wildlife authorities warned the public to be on
the look out for birds appeared “drunk” disoriented or
noticed at unusual places. In 1961, there was a similar  
attack of sea birds on people on cars in the ocean side
California town of Capitola; a scene similar to the horror
movie "The birds" produced by Alfred Hitchcock. Scientists
traced back this unusual behaviour to consuming shell fish
contaminated with the domoic acid.  

# 6    
‘A Bull in a China Shop’ -  How was it originated?

‘A Bull in a China Shop’ -  How was it originated?

This refers to a situation where a person finds himself out
of place and deals too roughly with a delicate problem.

It is believed that it came from real life situations. During
the seventeenth century, cattle were brought to the market
in London. The animal occasionally strayed into nearby
china-ware shops. While attempting to control these
animals, they played a real havoc with the items.

The expression is believed to have recorded for the first
time in a novel ‘Jacob Faithful’ (1834) a novel authored by
Frederick Marryat.

There is a similar expression in elephant countries:    
'Elephant in a sugar cane field’.

# 7  
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# 8   Reader response - The Chat Box

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