Feeding Magnetically treated water increases Milk yield

There are several nutraceuticals in the market that aid
increase in milk yield. While many researches are going
on the nutritional aspects of increasing milk yield, here is
a cost effective and novel way of getting higher milk yield.

The studies as early as in 1980's have experimentally
proven that when cows are provided magnetized water for
their daily water requirement, the milk yield were
considerably increased. However, such findings were not
commercialized for many years. Now, industry is working
on this affordable and easy to implement system to
increase the milk yield in cows, with a one-time investment
for the client.

Recently, Israeli farmers have tried it with an appreciable
success. To help create a regular supply of magnetized
water, they attached magnetic blocks or rings to the
drinking water channels and pipes to have a regular
supply of " wonder water ". The results showed positive
growth benefits with beef cattle and increased milk yield in
dairy cows. In some cases, cattle drinking magnetically
treated water gave more milk in mid lactation - upto an
extra 4 litres/cow/day.

It was also found that fruits irrigated with water that had
been magnetically conditioned were heavier than fruits
irrigated with non-magnetized water. Although these
findings have been round for a few years, current thrust is
for commercializing these findings. This astonishing results
have made Israeli companies in exploring ways of
developing economically viable pipes that can be easily
integrated with farms.
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