Is your Dog suffering from Compulsive disorders ?

Do you find any of the following with your dog in out of
context situations, repeated actions or response without
any stimuli.........?

For instance, common symptoms include:

Circling, tail chasing, pacing, jumping in place, chasing
light reflexes, freezing, dashing off, sudden agitation, skin
ripple (feline hyperaesthesia syndrome), Chewing legs or
feet, self licking (lick granuloma, psychogenic dermatitis),
nose licking, flank sucking, scratching, chewing or licking
objects, polyphagia, polydipsia, pica, wool sucking, "fly"

Self directed aggression, e.g., growling at hind end,
attacking legs or hind end, attacking tail, attacking food
bowl, attacking inanimate objects. Unpredictable
aggression to people? rhythmic barking, persistent
meowing / howling, Hallucination, avoiding imaginary
objects, staring at "shadows", startling etc.

Many of these are normal behaviours but may become a
compulsive disorder(CD) in some cases. Canine
compulsive disorders do have some similarities with
"Human Obsessive Compulsive Disorders" though, not to a
great extent.

It is important to treat CD at the earliest to avoid secondary
complications. Treatment include environment enrichment
and behaviour modifications, but at times, pharmacological
intervention is also resorted to.

                                                                                         November 2006

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