To overcome this loss, manufacturers add an excess of
the active ingredient in * calculated amount * to
compensate this loss over the time. This is highly relevant
in preparations that are sensitive to faster degradation like
vitamins and biologicals.

Coming back to our vaccine issue, most of the companies
add a few 'International Units' extra to cover up the loss
during storage. This fact need not be written on the label
only because end users may sometime divide the dose
before vaccination !

However, this technical knowledge is cleverly taken up by
the marketing people to claim added benefits to their

It is also equally important to note that vets do not make
dose differences between a smaller or a larger breed

The overages compensate the loss of biological activity
during non maintenance of cold chain during shipment,
storage and other exposures. By this we mean that, there
is still certain room for safety even if a cold chain is broken
* without intention * during transit.

Also keep in mind that you should neither give thermal
shocks by intermittent cooling.

Again, some companies are (over)smart in claiming that
their vaccines can be stored in ordinary room conditions. If
these products are manufactured in cold countries, this
may be true to a little extend on a regional basis.

Unfortunately, this argument may prove wrong in the
tropical countries where the deterioration level is rapid due
to higher temperatures. We believe that these claims are
only part of their marketing campaigns to cheer up the
trade and other intermediaries.

Also note that, above discussion may not be applicable
to newer delivery systems including oral rabies vaccines
which may be even as chocolate treats or that are aerially
distributed in wildlife sanctuaries in certain countries.
November 2006

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