Rabies vaccine - a few facts & myths

Over the period, we have been receiving queries on
different aspects of vaccine storage and cold chain

The discussion given below is Part 1 and we didn't want to
take more of your time either ! Hope this would cover many
of your concerns.

You are certainly aware of the importance in maintaining
cold chain for vaccines; animal owners and vets are now
keeping a regular check on the supplies made to them
ensuring proper storage conditions.

Here the point to consider is that many are over-cautious
about these facts only because of their lesser product
knowledge. With this, we didn't mean that we are not
endorsing their anxiety in cold chain maintenance of

Also, we shall examine why certain vaccine companies say
that their products can be kept in ambient temperature ! Is
it absurd? Again, there are also many vets who rejects a
vaccine if there is a slight exposure to room temperature
during shipments or if the power fails.

Let us illustrate this by adding that many company
executives try to push their market share up, by
challenging the number of International Units (IU) in their
competitors' product. This is often surprising as many of
them may not even know what an ' International Unit' in
vaccine is all about. Sorry, we are not underestimating

All veterinary pharmaceuticals or biologicals are
manufactured as per specifications laid out in
pharmacopoeias or relevant compendium, either
International, European, or country specific editions. All
these are similar to one another and differ only on
certain pharmaceutical aspects and there is nothing for the
vet or animal owner to worry about.                
November 2006
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