Vaccines - to use single dose / multidose vials?

Have you noticed your vet giving a shot to your animal?
Do you prefer a single dose vial or a multidose vial for your

Technically speaking " veterinarians are advised to use
only single dose vials for many reasons." Says, Kriks
Veterinary Manuel. Repeated poking of the vial closure
makes it more permeable and more susceptible to
contamination. Further, the adjuvants and other inert
constituents depending upon their density, settle at
different layers and each vaccine dose will give different
potency. The repeated pokes also arises doubt about the
thermal shocks for the refrigerated vaccine content.

The general view is that, whenever a contamination
occurs, without even veterinarian knowing it, the vaccine is
evenly distributed to his clients. This holds good for
non-maintenance of cold chain at various trade channels
or at professional hands.

The issue is that, not many professionals appreciate
above facts while using vaccines for their clients.

Nevertheless, multi-dose vials give considerable savings
for the companies and customers in reducing the packing
costs and utilizing lesser resources. This savings are
indeed transferred to the end user.


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