Doxapram (Caropram, Dopram) respiratory stimulant,
corticosteroids, antibiotics, atropine

Emergencies in Drug Immobilisation

Respiratory arrest
1        Depression of respiratory centre by the capture drug
2        Airway block
3        Pressure on diaphragm (sternal recumbancy in
elephants, bloat in ruminants)

Few or no respiration, cyanosis (bluish, grey, or muddy
gum) noisy breathing (wheezing, ratling)             

Reversal of drug.  Keep the airway patent.

Cause:  Drug, high ambient temperature, exertion, fevers

Treatment:  Drug reversal, cooling the animal
Bloat, Vomiting and Aspiration, Convulsions, Cardiac
arrest, Dehydration are all noticed

Always carry an emergency kit

1.        Antiseptic lotion, Ointment & powder
2.        Thermometer
3.        Adhesive plaster
4.        Spirit
5.        Scissors, Forceps, and Roll Gauze
6.        Tourniquet
7.        Antibiotics and water for injection
8.        Glucose saline
9.        Syringe and needle
10.      Drip set

Preventive measures

Have competent persons to handle the drug.  Never work
alone.  Use glasses & goggles when using potent drugs,
treat loaded syringes and darts as if they are loaded gun.  
Know the drug that is being used.  Let every body know
where the antidote is kept and what should be done in
emergency situations.

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