Drug immobilisation


It is very difficult. This can be a practised only in monkey in
urban area creating nuisance.  First remove the bait
shyness and use the bait with the drug. Use only liquid
drug, which do not have any taste or smell. Haloperidol
liquid is the only drug found to be of practical use in
primates.  This preparation is available in different trade
names of which the common names are Serinace, Halidol,
and Depidol.   

The liquid may be soaked in bread / bun / rusk or mixed in
milk or honey or so.      

Pole Syringe: Prodject

Devise to inject an animal in limited escape range like a


Blow Pope

Projectiles (syringes):

Charge operated (detonating mechanism)
Pressurising the back side of the piston (air, Co2, butane,


Most of the drugs are very powerful sedatives or
anaesthetics and some of them are narcotics, which
requires procedural formalities to procure and keep.

Commonly used drugs are xylazine (Rompun), ketamine
(Ketaset, Vetaset), meditomidine, etorphine (M99)
etorphine with acepromazine ( Immobilone LA), tiletamine +
zolazepam (Tilazole, Zoletele)


Diprenorphine (M 5050, Revivon), yohimbine (Antagozil)
4 amino pyridine

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