Nature of plight
Trapped in well with or without water.
Drowning after sedation.
Chased to high rise building.
Trapped in strong water current/flood.
Man made trap and snares.

Natural type of combat or defence

The versatile trunk and tusk of an elephant is the typical
example.  The safest place in an elephant will be
underneath the belly.  You may find where mahouts
sometimes rest comfortably.  This is not possible in the wild
conditions.  But after sedation standing on a side close to
the body, may be an either side of the body is a safe
place.  In a fallen animal (lateral recumbency) dorsal
aspect is safe.  Biting and mauling by carnivores and
primates, kicking and biting by equidae, kicking and use of
antler or horn by cervids and antelopes are all well known.  

Snakes bite only by the forward movement this information
is used by the snake charmers to baffle the public by
kissing on the top of the hood of a cobra.  Unlike predators
and/birds of prey the herbivores lack stereoscopic vision
(three-dimensional view) and hence they lack depth of
vision.  They have a wider area of vision since the eyes
are situated on both sides of the head.  

So, when a deer is chased it runs in all directions, hits on
trees and walls and injure itself even causing serious
injury.  It may give an impression that the animal is blind.  
Escape bids like climbing on a tree (cats-panther is
notorious in climbing and even gets on to primates) getting
into burrows and holes or even fly in case of birds.

Personal Safety

Safety of the people who are a part of the team as well as
onlooker is most important. There is no dearth of people to
see the tamasa, offer unsolicited assistance and risk
unnecessarily.  The team leader should take utmost care
in this regard.  Accidents can happen both from the
animals as well as from the members of the team who are
carrying live guns as means of defence.  Thick jackets
padded gloves or even gloves reinforced with metal chain
(to protect from crushing bite) gumboots are all used
depending upon the situation.  

Canned lacarimators (tear gas) capsicum sprays, which
are used for personal defence by human beings, are also
available now.  This may be useful against animal in limited
escape range. Fire extinguisher (foam type) may also
come in handy.

Shield from direct attack is used.  Transparent Perspex
glass with a handle is a see through device. But it is fully
transparent and animal can see the “intruder” also.   Cane
shields, the type that is often used by police, which are
light, and can easily be handled is useful.  It provides some
visibility too.  A light cane chair or a teapoy or even a
foldable steel chair will also be easily available.


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