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Let us take some of the elephant range countries and
have look at things what they do though the subject is
exhaustive. I would strongly recommend some of the
owners themselves to go and have a visit to these
places, which is not expensive.

In Thailand there are many tourist spots, which are
either elephant exclusive as well, exhibit other animal
shows too. To be brief let us take a quick look at things
what is happening at these places. One of the most
instutionalised one is the one at Lampung. The elephant
show begins with big bang. There are galleries for the
audience to sit. All other facilities needed for tourists like
photography, souvenirs, etc. All elephant make a parade
then the show starts. This includes picking up things
from the ground. These things may be things like a cap
and putting it on mahouts’ head, an elephant hook etc.

Elephant pull and push logs, play tug of war, foot ball,
play mouth organ and dance etc. One most interesting
display is that, they organise an orchestra like music.
This is easily done by making the animals to gently tap
on water pots filled with different level of water. This is
something, which is very similar, to our jalatharanga. The
performance does not stop with that. They have CD
version of it, which is sold like hot cakes to the
audiences. Another ones are paintings by the elephants
and the painted canvass is auctioned or sold. On one
occasion as a guest I was presented with one. These
elephant paintings are sold in Singapore zoo also.

One elephant camp at Authoya (Ayodhya), which is the
former capital of Thailand, has 143 elephants! This is
mostly a riding place. They also make many value added
products like artefacts made out of elephant dung pulp,
greeting cards, paper etc. A husband and wife with their
teenage daughter are the custodians. They breed also
elephants. You can see courting and mating of
elephants in their camp. But of course, visit to this area
is restricted and tourists are not allowed in. Only guests
are allowed to this area Actually from this elephant camp
only Australia wanted to import some elephant which
ended in big International legal battle inviting experts
from all over the world to testify in to the Senate of the
Thai government and the Australian court.
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