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The patellar bone on the hind limb is located much below
and hence the elephant can kneel just like human beings.  
Most herbivores hold their hind limb backwards when lying
down but elephant fold them forward.

They are efficient seed dispersers and many varieties of
seeds when passes through the digestive tract of
elephant's tract germinate easily.

They are able to locate water current underneath a dry
riverbed during draught and hence dig it out.  This remains
as a source of water for elephants as well as for other

A wild-born baby elephant is groomed and disciplined by its
senior herd mates.  Captive born calves are often
mischievous and grow out to be problematic when they
grow old.  When a herd is threatened in the wild they form a
line in defense.  When threatened further, they form a
circle keeping young ones and sub-adult in the centre.

Lactating cow elephants act as wet nurses to the suckling
calves in the herd.  You can hardly see that an elephant is
domesticated.  This is due to the fact that elephants never
come back to the tethering site once let into the forest to
forage freely.  Most of all other domestic animals return to
the home, stall, or fold more easily.

Elephant never forgets.  This is true because their brain
has extensive areas of memory a hard disk with quite a lot
of memory space!

Elephant is a non-ruminant and cellulose is digested in the
colon like horse and referred as a hind-gut fermenter.

Elephants in Kerala, just like human beings undergo
restorative treatment during the heavy monsoon (the month
of Karkidakam zodiac sign Cancer).


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