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   Ageing in elephants is a very tricky thing.  The ears
start folding inward from the age of 10 and goes to 2.5 cm
in 20 years.  Hence, an elephant with 2.5cm fold should
be around 30-35 years of age.  But there are several
exceptions too wherein the fold is backward instead of

 Elephants are shade loving animals like water buffaloes
and swim long distances.  They lie down in the marsh.  So,
how cruel it is to use elephants in festivals, on
bitumenised roads in summer, which is the festival season
of Kerala?

 They are good at walking and travel long distances in
the wild in search of food, shade, water and even for
minerals.  This is also important for their huge quantity
intake of fodder.  If they stay confined to a single place for
a long time, this results in habitat destruction.  

 Elephants eat a huge quantity of grass and browse and
even bark and the quantity consumed is approximately 5
% of the body weight daily.  This could be anything from
150 - 215 kg.

 An average elephant requires 150-200 litres of water a
day for drinking and additional quantity for spraying over
the body.  They lose 40 litres of water through urine and
20 litres of water through lungs (respiration) from their
body daily.

Elephants cannot protrude their tongue.
The respiration is through trunk and it cannot normally
respire through mouth.

Sternal recumbency is normal in almost all animals, but
lethal for an elephant under severe sedation.


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