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Actually the head of an elephant is not as heavy as we see,
since it comprises of several sinuses, which are hollow, very
much like "Papad".

Tool using is seen mostly in intelligent animals like monkeys.  
Elephants also use tools to scratch the portions that cannot
be reached by the trunk or to drive off flies.  Carnivores are
generally more intelligent than herbivores, but elephant is an

Elephants live as a group and hand down information from
generation to generation. The social group of elephant is a
herd and the leader is the senior most cow i.e., they follow a
matriarchal system.  They are reminiscent of old Nair lineage
of Kerala.

Herbivores usually have hooves whether it is even toed or odd
toed like cattle and horses.  But in the case of elephants they
are nails.  Nails in elephants vary from sixteen to eighteen in
number.  Sixteen nails are considered to be inauspicious, but
temples can own such elephants without any problem!

The footpad of elephants has a thick pad of cushion made of
fat, which provides a good grip while walking over marshy and
slushy grounds as well as on rocks.

The limbs are vertical and hence elephants can stand and
sleep.  They hardly lie down even when they are weak.  They
do not lie down in strange and unfamiliar places unless made
to do so by a mahout.  Hardly anyone has seen an elephant
lying down and sleeping.  Hence, in olden days before the
advent of dextrose injection, when an elephant lies down it is
considered to be the end! Hence there is an expression that
elephant became horizontal, implying that the elephant died.  
("From verticality to horizontality".)

Measuring the circumference of forefoot and multiplying it by
two easily measure an elephant's height.  Ensure that the
animal bears the weight on all fours since the elephant has a
tendency of shifting its body weight very frequently.


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