" Adonis " was quite lucky to have registered first...

Do you remember " Adonis " ?

"Adonis" was the first registered dog in the American
Kennel Club's stud book. This English Setter was entered
in 1878.

The American Kennel Club is the official registry for
purebred dogs in the United States. It publishes and
maintains the Stud Book and handles all litter and
individual registrations, transfers of ownership,
and so on. Clubs, not individual, are members of the
American Kennel Club, each of which is represented by a
delegate selected from the club's own membership.

{ What is a Stud book for dogs ? It is a record for the
breeding particulars of dogs of recognized breeds. Each
registry has an official stud book which represents a
breed's ancestry, since its induction into the registry.
Kennel club maintains a stud book for each breed
recognized; some clubs also have the stud book of dog
breeds whom they do not recognize. }
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