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       Is a pedigreed dog the same as registered dog ?

Dog lovers are generally confused when owning a pup.
The decision may be for choosing the breed, sex, and of
course, the cross bred or pure bred. The situations and
requirements differ among individuals and selection is
purely subjective.

Quite often, people tend to confuse the terms registered
dogs and pedigreed dogs. And this knowledge is important
especially when someone negotiate the real "value" for
their ' would be' pup.

Sometimes, we consider the terms same in certain
situations while it is quite different in real sense. A
pedigree merely lists a purebred dog's sire (father),
dam(mother) and his / her ancestors for four  generations.
All pure breeds may have pedigrees, but to get
registration with a kennel club, the pup's parents must
already be registered. This makes sense to make sure
that you see the registration certificates
or at least have the proof of its availability.

However it may be noted that, if you are not keen on
exhibiting your dog but you prefer a companion, then
registration is not a priority. Further, a registered breed
would cost you more, but her offspring would also be
financially worth.

There are also situations where a dog without pedigree is
registered. Though not commonly practiced, such entries
are made after validating the breed characteristics.

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